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  • I have never gotten a tattoo, where do I start?
    First you need to know who you'd like to get tattooed by, so we recommend checking out our artist's portfolios, which you can find here on our website or on each artist's personal Instagram pages. Once you know who you would like to get tattooed by, you can contact the shop and ask to speak with that artist, or contact that artist directly using the contact information provided with their portfolio on this website. They can then answer any questions you have, go over your idea, and give you an idea of how they personally do things. If you like everyone's work and don't have a preference of artist, that is also okay and we can figure out who to have you speak with.
  • How much will my tattoo cost?
    It is really difficult to give an accurate estimate for most tattoos. There are a lot of factors that play into the final price, a lot of which cannot be determined before the tattoo is done. In most cases, we just go by an hourly rate. This keeps things even for both people. Each of our artists have different hourly rates, and work at different paces, so feel free to contact us if you would like to know about a specific artist. Our shop minimum is $100, so this is the least amount a tattoo here can cost.
  • How does tipping work?
    All of our artists work on commission, which means they only get paid for the time they spend tattooing. As with most other service providers, tipping, while not mandatory, is customary. If you are happy with the service and experience of getting your tattoo, they always greatly appreciate anything extra you would like to give them.
  • Can I get the same tattoo that someone else already has?
    While we do sometimes tattoo work that we have not designed ourselves, we will not copy someone else's tattoo. We can usually design something similar or inspired by the piece you like, but we will not copy it as that design was created by an artist for a particular person, who paid for that service. Of course if you are looking to get matching tattoos with someone else, that is completely okay! Just as long as it is not a someone else's tattoo.
  • How long will my tattoo take?
    The time a tattoo can take to finish depends on multiple things. What you're getting tattooed, who is tattooing it (we all work at different paces), how long you can sit, how often you have it worked on (if it is a piece that requires more than one session), and more. When you are going over your design with an artist, they can sometimes give you a rough idea of how long your piece will take.
  • What should I do the day of my tattoo?
    We always recommend making sure you've eaten before getting tattooed, as well as bringing snacks and a drink with you. Getting tattooed can really shock and exhaust your body, so it's always good to make sure you stay hydrated and fed. We also ask that you always wear something that makes the area you are getting tattooed completely accessible. We cannot hold your clothes out of the way while we are stenciling your tattoo and while we are tattooing, so please make sure you dress accordingly.
  • When is the best time of year to get tattooed?
    This all depends on you. Some people like to be able to be out in the sun and to have the option of swimming in the summer, so they're usually better off getting tattooed during the other seasons. You cannot be in the sun or go swimming with a fresh tattoo. Other people aren't as active in the summer, and prefer to be able to not wear clothing over a fresh tattoo, and like getting tattooed in the summer a little more.
  • Do I need to put down a deposit to get tattooed?
    We do always require deposits to schedule a tattoo. Please refer to the "Our Policies" page for more information on how we handle deposits.
  • Can I bring someone with me when I get tattooed?
    You are welcome to bring someone with you when you come to get tattooed! However, we do ask that you do not bring more than two people at the most.
  • Do I have to come to the shop to have a consultation?
    This is usually up to you and the artist you are working with. Sometimes there is no need for an in person consult, but you are still welcome to have one if you would prefer that! Most of the time sending us an email with all of your ideas is enough for us to go off of.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    We do take walk-ins! We all tend to have fairly full schedules, so we don't always have openings for walk-ins. If you absolutely want to make sure you get in, we recommend making an actual appointment ahead of time. Otherwise feel free to call anytime during business hours (but not right before we close) to check to see if we have any openings.
  • How do I take care of a fresh tattoo?
    Aftercare preferences will vary from artist to artist, so it is best to go over all of this with the artist who did your tattoo.
  • It says that an artist's books are closed, what does this mean?
    If it says an artist's books are closed, it means they are not currently accepting any new clients or new projects, or both. When a tattooer get a little too overwhelmed with the amount of people they are scheduling, they will close their books so they can focus on the work they have already. Most of the time each artist will post online (usually on Instagram or Facebook) when they will be opening their books, usually multiple times and well ahead of time so that everyone who has been waiting has a chance to see this and be prepared.
  • What is your policy on touch-ups?
    Each of our artists have slightly different policies on touch-ups, but overall they are similar. Usually, we offer one free touch-up within six months of the tattoo being done, unless it is clear that you did not care for it properly. If this is something you are concerned about, be sure to ask you artist about their specific policy.
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